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Checklist and templates are a must to ensure tasks and processes are completed correctly. These will not only provide for an organised flow within a team but also leads to excellent client/customer service and reduce errors.

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"Through training, performance monitoring, rewards and communication, success is achieved in a team providing positive results for any business."

Carmen Freitas

“My aim and intention is to provide assistance in property management."


LREA[NSW]- No: 1083585: Class 1 Agent - Real Estate - Sales Or Leasing


I first met Carmen at a Training Program for Real Estate Agents and was impressed with her teaching ability. Fast forward a few months later and I head hunted her to train property management in my real estate office.

Her ability to connect, engage, teach, train and reach outcomes with her audience has lead to our team confidence, professionalism and results.

Carmen is truly the best in the business and she is certainly part of our success story. Thank you Carmen. You are the best!