Supervision Guideline – No. 8. Employee Supervision

Supervision guidelineFurther clarification
8.1. A principal licensee must prepare and maintain written procedures outlining the respective roles and responsibilities of licensees and certificate holders in relation to the preparation and signing of agency agreements, franchising agreements and agency agreements under which two or more licensed agents act in conjunction.The agency principal licensee [and/or the licensee in charge] must have current procedures detailing the following about the employee:
– Role description
– Responsibilities of licensed agents and assistant agent [certificate holders], relating to:
– Processes about signing agency agreements [both sales and property management] including conjunction agreements
– Process about signing franchising agreements.    
8.2. A licensee in charge is responsible for verifying:

8.2.1. all persons engaged in the business have completed all continuing professional development they are required to undertake according to the Secretary’s requirements issued and notified to licensees and certificate holders under section 20 of the Act,

8.2.2. the applicable work experience requirements in accordance with the Property and Stock Agents (Qualifications) Order 2019 have been met, And

8.2.3. the length of time an individual has been engaged by the agency
The licensee in charge [LIC] has the responsibility to ensure all employees have completed their relevant CPD requirements each year.
– You can access my ‘Training – all staff record’ and ‘Training – individual record’ – here.
– You can access details of the CPD requirements – here.    

There is a work experience record to be kept about each individual licensed agent.  
– The full list of work experience requirements can be found in the legislation – here  

Property and Stock Agents (Qualifications) Order 2019 [NSW] Schedule 1 Work experience requirements – under the following titles:
Schedule 1 Work experience requirements
Part 1 General work experience requirements
— There are 15 items

Part 2 Sales, leasing and property management work experience requirements
— Sales – There are 7 items
— Leasing – There are 11 items
— Property and Strata management – There are 12 items.

The record must also include the period and length of time they have worked at the agency.