Supervision Guideline – No. 7. Complaint Handling Procedures

Supervision guidelineFurther clarification
7.1. A principal licensee must prepare and maintain written complaint handling procedures.  A complaint procedure must be available in the agency.
The complaints procedure must include a ‘complaints’ register –
– You can access my complaints register – in the Templates product – here

The team needs to be trained in this procedure. The complaints procedure needs to be available to the clients and customers.
– This can be via the agency website.  
7.2. Without limiting clause 7.1, the written procedures must provide that:

7.2.1. all complaints and the actions taken by the business in response to the complaint are recorded in a register and retained for at least 3 years from the date of receipt or resolution of the complaint, whichever is later, and

7.2.2. complaints relating to financial transactions are reported to a licensee in charge as soon as practicable and are to be supervised directly by that licensee in charge.  
As noted above – details of the complaints must be recorded in a register.

Record to be kept for 3 years.

Best policy is to:
Have all complaints discussed with and reported to the licensee in charge Have the register reviewed regularly; and ensure all tasks followed up and recorded.

All complaints of a financial nature must be reported to the Licensee in charge.