Policies & Procedures

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Policies & Procedures is a must for all businesses as it is in real estate. In NSW it is a legal requirement under Property Stock Agents Act 2002, section 32 to properly supervise the business; which includes:

  1. To properly supervise persons engaged in the business,
  2. To establish procedures designed to ensure that the provisions of the Act and any other laws relevant to the conduct of that business are complied with,
  3. To monitor the conduct of business in a manner that will ensure as far as practicable that those procedures are complied with.

The Policies & Procedures provided are guides to be used by individual team members and to be used by team leaders as training tools.


In this bundle you will find Policies and Procedures to guide you and your team in topics and tasks ranging from managing arrears to staff safety [total of 26 items].

This bundle contains the following items:

Policies and Procedures on the following topics:

  1. Arrears
  2. Break lease
  3. Condition report
  4. Disclosures
  5. Holding deposits
  6. Holiday office closures
  7. Initial process, checklists
  8. Management agency agreement, tips for completing the MAA
  9. Ownership confirmation
  10. Routine inspections
  11. Selling tenanted property
  12. Staff safety
  13. Systems overview
  14. Termination notices

Quick reference topics:

  1. Access to property
  2. Acronyms
  3. Break lease
  4. Notice & Monthly rent

From NSW Fair Trading – FREE:

Fact sheets/ Guidelines:

  1. Ending a tenancy
  2. Proper supervision guidelines
  3. Real estate fraud prevention guidelines
  4. Rent, non-payment of rent
  5. Serving notice
  6. Tenant, bond online guide

Information statements:

  1. Landlord information statement
  2. Tenant information statement


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