Newsletter, Questionnaires

$150.00 plus GST

Educating clients and customers on your services, provides added value, will increase awareness levels and improve processes. This can be carried out through questionnaires, surveys and keeping all informed by providing news/newsletters.


In this bundle you will find templates of newsletter, questionnaires for tenancy application checking, survey questionnaires [total of 9 items].

This bundle contains the following items:

TEMPLATES – Newsletter, questionnaire:

  1. News – newsletter, to owner – Christmas holidays
  2. News – newsletter, to owner – holidays, other
  3. News – newsletter, to tenant – Christmas holidays
  4. News – newsletter, to tenant – holidays, other
  5. News – newsletter, to owner
  6. Questionnaire – verifying tenant applications – employer
  7. Questionnaire – verifying tenant applications – agent
  8. Questionnaire – Survey, client feedback
  9. Questionnaire – Survey, customer feedback


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