Checklists & Forms

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Checklists & forms helps a team’s work flow better and reduces room for error, by reminding what needs to be done to get the task done.


In this bundle you will find checklists & forms for your property management and some for the whole team; ranging from tenant’s application to the lease signing stage; to trades records as well as WHS checklists [total of 36 items].

This bundle contains the following items:


  1. Agent car kit
  2. Annexure: Material facts disclosure
  3. Inspections tips: what to look out for
  4. Lease renewals
  5. Listing presentation kit
  6. Lost management to another gent
  7. Management Agency Agreement sign up
  8. Management transfer to ‘us’
  9. New owner pack
  10. OFI
  11. Property Management [PM] files
  12. PM marketing products
  13. Routine inspections
  14. Sales to PM
  15. Selling tenanted property
  16. Tenancy application to Lease
  17. Tenant residing at selling property
  18. Tips for valid agency agreement
  19. Trades records
  20. Tribunal
  21. Vacate
  22. Vacating tenant cleaning list
  23. WHS – Hazard
  24. New tenant pack
  25. Residential tenancy agreement- sign up


  1. Keys photocopy – owner
  2. Keys photocopy – tenant
  3. OFI – rentals
  4. OFI – sales
  5. Rental payment info.
  6. Repair request
  7. Routine inspection
  8. Tenancy application
  9. WHS incident checklist & report
  10. WHS meeting record

From NSW Fair Trading – FREE:

  1. Standard residential tenancy agreement


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