CPD - record keeping

5 steps for a hassle free CPD record keeping process

1: ensure you complete your CPD within the required period

[not after]


 2: create a folder titled ‘CPD’ or ‘Courses’ or ‘Real Estate Education’

[keep one at home... in case you change teams!]


3: ensure you always acquire evidence from your course

[CPD certificate/ letter or other pending on the course]


4: file & save that evidence in your folder


5: provide a copy to your employer for their staff records as well


CPD is a requirement in some states/territories and the relating Fair Trading Departments are the regulators for the real estate industry.

  • Agent and Agency office audits are conducted regularly and evidence of completed CPD courses for Registered and Licenced agents may be required to be provided
  • CPD records must be kept for 3 years
  • It is very important that each individual is accountable for keeping a record of all CPD courses undertaken      
  • It is also the responsibility of the licensee in charge to ensure all staff have completed their CPD and are compliant within the regulation requirements
  • The licensee in charge may also be held responsible for non-compliance and a fine may be imposed plus potential loss of staff and commissions may be jeopardized
  • Most training organisations will charge a fee for the re-issue of a course confirmation letter or certificate
  • Please ensure you and your offices are aware of these obligations and take the following 5 steps…


Below are links to Fair Trading information regarding CPD in NSW and ACT: